Sunday, 21 March 2010

I will be better

i'm not feeling good right now.

woke up early today to work on my assignments.

but received the news of seat yin's passing.

another case of bike accidents,
brain surgeries and goodbyes.

reminded me of dear wei jun.

i have no idea if i should categorize it as good or bad.

it depends on how you see it i think.

if u love her, 
you should think that it's good news.
at least she's free from this cruel cruel world.

let's be strong and let her go.
we have to move on no matter what.

i don't really know her.
didn't talk to her much.
but seeing her friend crying so badly,
it tears my heart apart.
she's loved.

death and taxes.
no escaping.
unless u're among a species of jelly fishes living in the carribean sea.
(i follow them on twitter.) 

can't help but make me think twice bout telling mouse my feelings.
u'll never know when is too late.
and even if he gives me a bad respond,
i'll only have 2 months left to have chances of meeting him in college.

but then... guts 
spent the whole morning collecting money for her family.
after i got back to 118,
i dropped dead on my bed.
my 15mins nao became 2 hour sleep.
there goes my day.

tons of people left msgs saying R.I.P on her wall.

i guess it's the same thing when it happened to wei jun.
didn't get to see his wall.

so people, everytime this happens,
people will say cherish the people around you.

somethings shouldn't be kept in our hearts,
let the mouth say wat the heart feels and wat the mind thinks.
let your soul be free once in awhile.
the heart should not carry the burden of the gut. 

when the heck am i going to finish my assignments...

phrase of the post:
la mort et les impôts(pronounced morh ei lay za[almost silent "n"]po= death and taxes

that's what J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s special thanks to Darick and Chi Yee for talking to me yesterday night.
needed it.

Love you both lots!!

gonna post another post juz for yesterday's photos.
mostly my ss pics though....

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