Tuesday, 23 March 2010

hate mail!!

i received hate mail yesterday.

do we call it hate mail if it comes with flowers?

here's what the card that came with the flowers look like.
so LOL right?

but it comes with 3 roses and chocolate too!!

so can i call it hate mail card?

i know who sent it anyway.

i can guess....

it's from an APK stall owned by econ students.

has the words "4th 男人婆".

i could only imagine a person who loathes man club so much. can u?
man club people should know. *hint.. v*

been really on the down side recently.
~*the following part of the post is super emo, stop reading if u worry easily*~

i find no goal in my life.

i should be cherishing life after seeing people's been taken away juz like that.

i should be happy that i'm still alive,

still have a chance to fulfill my dreams,

to love and be loved.

but i feel nothing of that gladness.

i'm a spoiled brat who can't live as an island.

i'm no man, but i am not an island.
my life to me,

is daily.

i live by day, for i can not see the future,
nor predict it.

i have a dream that doesn't seem to be possible of coming true,

i have a love that shall never know of my love for him,

i have a future that is not set, unpredictable.

but them and again,

i have a family that loves me,

and adventures to go on.

i will have to live through this period of time,

like it or not.

who knows,

tomorrow could be a better day.

i think it's true.

all i need is love.

or juz the illusion of being loved.

from anyone.

someone please say "i love you".


  1. 愛してる~~

    does it works? =b

  2. erm... i guess it does.. though i dun understand.. aisteriu?