Friday, 19 March 2010

Happy birthday!!!

to soon loong@seph@da jie@soon to be ex-cc head.

i don't know if he enjoyed the dinner just now,

but i know i did.

it's been so long since we laughed out loud together.

i still feel weird dome time during the pasar malam walk,
but other than that,
i loved each moment.

thank's for giving us the chance to enjoy that time.

the midnight mission was sad though.

they tied him,(funny to see)
we sang the song, (happy)

they ran around trying to avoid the deadly grasps of soon loong (funnier)

they ignored soon loong and had fun in their own way,

during the supposed to be soon loong's party.



what are ya'll doing there at the first place?

today was a weird day.
i actually enjoyed tutorial class for semiotics.

seems like the um leng zai leng lui group is the hottest thing on fb.

some are really leng zai and leng lui,
some are, i think pranks.

photos uploaded by their friends to make fun of them.

after going through almost all of the photos,
there's only 1 person from fbl,
who's an iranian boy who i've never seen.
(how could i have missed such a handsome guy?!!!!)

there's so many leng luis in fbl...
maybe we should juz upload dr.antoon's photo.

i enjoyed the day, 
the dinner,
the pasar malam walk,
the laughter,
the "show"
and the moment.

hope ya'll enjoyed it too.

and once again,


phrase of the post:
joyeux anniversaire (pronounced jua-year anni-vers-airh)= happy birthday!

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