Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Exhibit A

i'm reading a book called
"how to make anyone fall in love with you"
by Leil Lowndes.

i sound desperate,
but it's a book my coach lent me,
since i can't get a boy,
might as well make everyone fall for me.
then i choose slumber-ly...
*evil laughter*

it's a 3 book... book.
(what's the term used again?)

i'm using myself as Exhibit A
for the experiment:
does the tips given in the book work?

i've read about half of the first book.
the conclusion that i've got?

this might really work.
the book is based on tests and tests.

the main point that i've catched-

always be prepared.
physically, and mentally.

the author claims that 
men actually prefer women who wear lipstick.

what the heck.
i'd go for the eyes,
and i think that guys would go for boobs and butt,
but i'm no guy.
girls usually look at what the guys wear.
it's not necessary to dress up,
everyone has their own liking in dressing.
just be yourself,
the tidier version.

being mentally prepared means that
you have to be alert all the time.
you won't know when he or she is gonna walk in that door,
or walk past you,
or sit at the table opposite of yours,
bump into you at that corner you turn everyday.
(not good for people who drive).
the point is,
there's a gazillion possibilities where your future love would appear.
be prepared.

you have been foretold.

eye contact is extremely important.
people who make strong eye contact
(don't mean you stare at everyone)
have a better chance in "luring" the opposite sex.

so (single) guys and girls (who are searching out there),
make sure you look everyone in the eyes when talking
or make eye contact with people who you can't talk to.

(mascara and fake eye lashes might work?)

here i go,
continuing on my journey on the search of my true love/ mr. definitely right.

phrase of the post:
les yeux ouvert (pronounced lay-zi-eur-zoo-v-air-t)- the open eyes

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