Friday, 19 March 2010

count down to tomorrow

it's Amy's wedding tomorrow!!!

known her since...
i dunno..


or maybe before that.

can't believe she's getting married.


okok. she's marry-age,
but yet,
she's my first friend to get married.


anxious about tomorrow.
i'm gonna get to see guys paint their nails with my bright orange nail polish.

*evil laughter*

it's one of the "punishments" before the groom gets to see his beautiful bride.

today was kinda a nice day.

went to sing k (finally) with pin, zi loong and chee keong.
first time in this sem.

I've been a good girl.

didn't get to sing much.
but it was nice to sing with them.

bought my hair curler.
NOT going to cut my hair short after all.
i can't take in the image of my long hair being snipped away.
and there were none.

maybe not so soon.

played around with it.

totally love my wavy/curly hair look!!

since voon went home already...

lonely.. i am so lonely
i have nobody... in the room.. oooooh~

my dinner was very cool.

i had mushroom soup.
a mixture of mixed mushrooms, cheezy mushrooms and original mushroom from vono.

and this baby that i can't miss

time to sleep.

need to wake up really early tmr to curl my hair + ban leng leng.

nights people!!
phrase of the post: je m'aime! (pronounced je m-am[as in i am a girl])= i love my self!!!

that's what j_fish want to say~ Au Revoir~

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