Sunday, 28 March 2010

count down to my biggest confession... to date

8 days!!

i'm gonna confess my feelings for my current crush,
code name mouse
here, of course. 

i don't know if it's still a crush.
it's been here for so long.

wish me luck people.

can't wait for M.A.B.

i've got the dress, the shoes, the accessories, and the determination.

my stalker nature has made me stalk him in fb.
luckily fb doesn't have the who's viewed my profile thing.
the existing one i think is a fake.
he doesn't use it anyway.

i'm gonna be brave for once in 21 years.
i've never been brave when it comes to love.

i have no idea what's gonna happen if someone reads this and tells him.

but then and again,
he's only gonna stay here for one more month.
if there's that weird awkward atmosphere between us,
it won't last long.
besides, i don't see him much these days.

it's the last chance for my feelings to be known.

i think it's a mixture of feelings.
yes, i want him to know,
but no, i don't want him to know too.

someone slap me.

i posted this too early. wasn't finish yet.

i wanna talk about earth hour yesterday.
it was interesting of course.
selina, voon and me went to DTC.
we were asked to sit and form the words "60" and "UM".
we were the "6".
they gave us a candle each after they off the lights.
they even off the street lamps.
the moon was very bright though.
the greenest man on earth was also there,
didn't catch his name though.
he was preaching to us,
telling us his doctrine of saving man kind.
i think what he says is seriously food for thought.

he said that we don't really have to save the earth.
it has survived through ice and snow and hot weather.
it will change and will continue surviving.

what we're doing now is saving mankind.
we are the ones who won't be able to cope with the environment.

save ourselfs by saving energy and water.

make the world a better place together.
we have the duty, you and i.

no phrase of the post... i dunno wat to write about. XD

that's wat J_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. not do are u so sure dat he will leave kolej? what if they stay?

  2. but foong's the SPR.. so he has to leave. XD