Tuesday, 9 March 2010


first time i was being coached.

not the basketball type of coaching.

it's something like counseling, but diff in a way.

my lect was doing this course and she asked for our help.

it's a way of helping her help ourselves. only one hour per session.

she gets the credit hours

we get the service for free! 

so this is how it goes...

make an appointment with her,

go there and talk to her....

the end.
it's that simple.

there's no boundaries on what you have to talk about.

just your "challenges". (that's how they call it coz problems sound very negative).
basically coaching is helping you move on with life.

say you have a problem somewhere in your life...

relationship with friends, family, bf/gf, assignments or just whatever.

the job of the coach is to talk to us (or rather we talk to them)

and they'll try to open our minds so that we see a bigger picture.

sometimes we just don't look up when we're sad or disturbed.

that's what they help us do.

i can't really name a problem challenge just now,

so we ended up chatting about everything.

and that usual question popped again:

why don't u have a bf?

I'm quoting this so don't say i'm perasan..
"young and attractive girls usually have boyfriends. what is the problem?"

i have no idea how to answer it.

we wouldn't have got there if i know the answer...

em... because i'm a lesbian so i can only have gfs and not bfs?

i think she kinda likes me.

i ended up getting a date with her son.

he's 25, single (as in no gf), likes to read, likes to stay at home (too bad), speaks english as his first language. that's all i know about him. and i think she mentioned before that he's quite fashionable... or is it her second son... but he's only 18 but he plays basketball.

i'm quoting her again

"we should arrange some time for you to meet my son. i think you should meet up and get to know each other. you don't have to have the idea that you have to be his gf. just get to know each other."

that's cool. she says she prefers it if her son is dating her student. 


i'm totally cool with meeting her son. 

she didn't gave me pressure by the way. the whole coaching thing is very relaxing.

she also told me that she went to the law fac and saw alot of nice looking guys. she asked me to go and join the people there if i have the chance. they're quite outspoken.

MR.JOHNNY ONG... what happened to the cute guys?!!! how can u keep them from me?!

french phrase of the post:

rendez-vous (pronounced ron-day-voo, also used in english)= date(romantic or just normal) or meeting

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. whoever has problems and needs to talk to someone can tell me. i'll arrange a rendez-vous with my lect for you. help her help you. she only has less than 10 credit hours and she needs 60!

and i was kidding bout being a lesbian. i'm actively(?) looking for a bf. XD 


  1. WoW,so,seems dat helps u a lot?
    feeling better nw?^^
    is she a Chinese?
    n the session is conduct in English ar? =b

  2. yes and yes. i don't think she mind if we talk to her in broken english. believe me. XD