Sunday, 14 March 2010


that's what we've been saying alot lately.

our chinese traditional dance group 
will be competing against other colleges tomorrow night
8p.m. in DTC.
gonna skip all classes but 1 tmr. 
(technically it's sunday already.)

do come if you have time.

ticket is RM5 i think.
(just for that price you'll get to see some of the prettiest girls in 4th college wear cheongsam)

we keep saying that coz some of us do too dramatically an action and some do it too subtly.
so the action would be great if we can add both together and divide them into 2.

if only we can do that....

finally spent some together time with voon.
we're together all the time
(in the room, dancing)
but didn't really talked.
just a simple trip to mamak,
but i'm glad.

i'm quite worried about my friend.
she's with this english guy whom she's never seen.
he's coming over this May after knowing my friend for like... 6 months..

i'm worried coz there's been these scams about foreigners conning people..
she sounds so happy.
what if he's really a con-man?
i can't judge him juz coz he's a foreigner..
but i'm still worried.
hope everything turns out well.

we were talking about the future.
it just seems so far away now,
do you plan your future?
when to graduate,
when to get your first million,
when to get married?
when to have your first kid?
when to stop having kids?
how many should you get?

everything could just happen very quickly and your plans wouldn't work like it's supposed to.

like the easiest example is those who pay the ticket after getting on the train...

u'd be surprise at what turns out.

but shouldn't we plan then?

phrase of the post:
mais pourquoi pas? (pronounced may purh-kua pa?) = but why not?

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