Friday, 26 March 2010



today was kinda crazy.

the evening part.

i finally did what i had to do for cc,
settled everything,
have to wait for monday for the results.

Voon, Susan and me decided to go to 11th college for dinner
(since food in 4th sucks during weekends).

actually i suggested it,
voon agreed,
and susan juz got half persuaded, half dragged.

we were walking,
taking our own sweet time,

and suddenly,
the sky started to pee,
on us.

it always rains,
but today,
it poured.

there was a massive thunder storm yestersay by the way.
thunder and lightning non-stop for about half an hour,
then the water gates opened.
like the rain of the great flood.

it was during my nap,
so the lightning bolts and thunder woke me...

y did percy jackson give the lightning bolt back....

ok. wt... back to this evening.
since we got stuck in the rain,
like 5 mins walk to 11th,
we decided to wait for the rain to stop.
(we didn't really have a choice anyway).

we walked around ambang asuhan Jepun to find another route that could cut down on our wet-ness if we ran,
but it turned out that the way we thought was nearer would've juz brought us farther.

so, we went back to point 0,
and waited.

tried to call my frineds from 5th and 12th to get an umbrella.
sadly, they only realised that i've called them after i got back to 4th.

then suddenly the rain got really light
(guess almost out of pee)
so we half ran half walk to 11th.
it was fun. (to me)
reminded me of how much i enjoyed being in the rain.

was running when taking this pic... voon was running too...
so extremely blur...

i guess we have less fun after we grow old(er).

the sky refilled his tank anyway.

after we reach there,
it poured, again.

but whatever.

we were there and we had dinner.
will always love the lamb chop from 11th.

ya'll should try it someday.
(don't choose a cloudy day if u're walking there.)

after all that
we searched for a savior to get us back to college.

and voila,
thx to susan's courageous act,
we got back, dry.

thx to kenny too. ^______________^.

i love the rain.
always do,
always will do.
(except during days that i wanna play basket.b)

so why is this post called appetizer anyway?

rain water was our appetizer.
we had it before our main course at 11th.

the end.
for that part.

as we know,
tomorrow's the "earth hour" day.
if u dunno....
where the heck have you been?!!!

light's off everyone. 
i have no idea from what time to what time.
i think it's 8.30-9.30p.m.
juz make it the whole night la.

but then,
there are always the oppositional side for everything.
even earth hour.

how f8king funny is that...

read here for more details.

WTH right...

he sounds funny,
ridiculously funny.

i think that earth hour is not just about saving electricity.
it's about the world uniting in doing something.

we can change the world if we change our concept.

save the earth by cutting down on the use of tissue paper.

that's y i've been using my hankie. (Flu)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. phrase of the post:
c'est dommage (pronounced say dom-maj)= that's sad/ unfortunately.

the blog owner was joking by the way.
that's y we have to read the whole thing and not juz wat we see....

sorry to voon and susan for the silly information given. XD


  1. it's 4.41am nw..
    planned 2 lie on my sweer bed,
    atm,i noticed an appetizer..
    been attracted by it..

    was wondering wat type of appetizer can made a blog 2day..

    n then who knows?
    so zadao when i finished the part.
    swt =.=llll

    guess wat?
    the story nt yet end..
    i felt i kena tipu 2 read a long passage in order 2 able 2 understand bimbo's language..

    it's TRUE CRAPS??!!WT****

    oyasuminasai ^^

  2. hahahaha... it's juz our lame joke while walking to 11th. anyway... thx for leaving a comment!! XD... bimbo language is crap.

  3. i dun think dis called as "comment"

    it's blogging on others' blog
    which is..
    parking blog? +.+

  4. haha... nola.. should be parasite blogging..