Thursday, 25 March 2010

advice to juniors of mine

only for the students of 

the faculty of language and linguistics, UM.
(and other faculties of course, if your lecturers are like ours *winks*)

always be nice to your lecturers 
especially your academic adviser.

i was in deep sh*t yesterday
coz i was absent for class 3 times,
in 12 weeks.
there are 2 classes a week,
so it means i missed 3 classes out of 24.

that means i could be barred from finals.
(still think this is a stupid rule)
[bare in mind that only MCs are accepted for absence.
if you fall sick easily,
good luck!]

i have a letter for the third day of absence.
i was in a dancing competition 
which is a UM event.

but thanks to the effectiveness of bureaucracy,
i still havent's got the letter,
after almost 2 weeks.
i was going to talk to the lecturer,
but there was someone in her room.
after waiting for about 10 mins in the lonely corridor,
i decided to pay a visit to my AA,
the dear (old) Jean(pronounced john),
i talked to him about it,
he went over,
knocked on her door,
talked for awhile (bout 5 mins)
and voila!

i juz need to type a letter to my AA,
a very short but formal letter,
stating the date and reason of my absence
and hand it to him.
he'll take care of the rest.

How cool is that!

i'm lucky to have him as my AA!

my point is,
there's no harm in being nice to someone,
especially your AA and lecturers.

not in the sweet talk sense of nice,
but visit them now and then,
treat them like your friend.
most of them are very friendly people.
until you piss them off, of course.

that's what j_fish has to advice~ Au Revoir~

p.s. phrase of the post:
être badlucké {canadian french} (pronounced a[apple]-tr bad-luck-a[how we pronounce the alphabet]= to be with bad luck, as in i'm unlucky.

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