Thursday, 4 February 2010

no (h)air no (h)air~

i have no idea what is going on

all my efforts to change my hair look

has gone wrong.

ALL wrong!


the short hair look.

since shiah already cut her hair short,

i don't wanna do the same thing.

the idea of cutting my hair short

is so that i don't look like others.

yeah, quite a lot of people have short hair too

but not to the extend that i'm willing to go.

then, there's the curl-my-hair idea.

went to midvalley yesterday and surveyed the prices.


Freaking high~!

RM250 just to curl my middle length hair?!


and i had to sms my mom to ask for permission to stop myself from doing it.

I knew she would stop me.

she always has her good reasons.

talked some sense into me.

"If you dyed your hair for RM250,

they'll ask you to dye it

so it looks nicer.

Then they'll ask you to use this conditioner

gives your hair more bounce and shine.

Then this styling product makes your curls easier to manage..

etc etc etc...

and in the end, when you walk to the counter to pay

your supposed RM250 curling

will turn into RM500."

and i do think that she's right.

since i can't do anything to change the look,

i might as well dye it RED.

and LO and BEHOLD


(NOTE: THE WHOLE UM. This is due to a water pipe burst somewhere near Damansara, where the water of UM comes from. so going to the faculty to bathe is NOT a good idea.)

like Soon Loong says it


what is wrong with changing my look...

i just don't wanna look like a hundred million others with

long, brown, straight hair.

FUEK the people who invented hair straighteners and rebonding!!

If it wasn't for them,

I'd just look like 50 million others~

why oh why do people worship straight hair?

for someone who has had straight hair for the past-(almost) 22 years,

straight hair is drop-dead-titas-apk-km BO~RING..

but i have to admit that some people actually look better with straight hair

until new hair grows out that is...

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