Friday, 26 February 2010

i want this too

yesterday went to the 大摇 concert.

my opinions is that the songs weren't as nice as last years,

the singers too.

but, the dance was interesting.

Susan, Kenny and Yen Ching. (hope i spelled her name right.)

the most interesting thing was a song.

when i first read the lyrics,

i clicked on the "like" button already.

when i heard it,


it was so cute.

it's called 《恋爱五天制》。

你认真起来的样子          就像全世界的人都消失
不是说这样不好         只是我受不了         用不着什么山盟海誓
今天的气候有点潮湿    也许这样多用几张卫生纸
你比我想象中脆弱   堂堂男子

我只想要恋爱五天制      周末进修爱你的方式
你也有两天时间       去学习当绅士
让你习惯恋爱五天制      不一定要碾得那么痴
不要误会      我没有想逃避你的意思

可能我们炒了太多次      而每次你都说我不是
你将我的灵魂挟持       三不五时要生要死
我有我的隐私         不需要每件事都告知
不用天天见面(只要想念)      当你觉得厌倦(休息两天)
这一个制度太周全      零缺点

the song is basically what i want.

ok, some parts of it is just written to fill in the lyrics,

no good meaning at all,

but the chorus part is what i like most.
i believe that being lovers doesn't mean that we have to stick together 24/7.

if we both love and care for each other,

we don't need to see each other so often anyway.

what makes a lasting relationship is trust.

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