Thursday, 18 February 2010

guys and their girls

i've been home for 5 days

and i've heard 2 very shocking stories...

if they should be called stories

the first 1,

the guy is someone who i've known since i was 6.

he had a girl, he did something very wrong,

at least, in the eyes of his parents, (and moi)

and now he no longer has a girlfriend.

he has 2 girls.

a wife, and a daughter.

age 23, married, has a family.

in the older days that almost sounds perfect.

but not anymore.

imagine a fresh graduate, with a salary of less than RM2k,

needs to feed his family.

both parents retired.

the stress that he's facing...

he let his parents down.

it's obvious that they were sad and i think it's safe to say humiliated.

being faithful christians,

they would expect their children to act like them.

the moral of the story is..
(only for guys)

if you
1. don't have a steady income(can feed atleast 3 people without everyone having to slim down), a house (and) or a car,
2. don't have filthy rich parents that can support you
3. don't have a girlfriend who's parents are filthy rich who will support you
4. don't have really loving parents that would forgive you for anything

keep your future babies to yourself ok.

for girls,

just think about carrying a 25 inch water balloon everywhere you go for 9 months at the age of 23 for a jerk who can't do nothing but promise to marry you.

story 2
my dear friend Mr. D told us some shocking history of his~

he once had 4 gfs at the same time!!

i used to be so in love with him.


i think what pei pei said is true

"luckily u didn't become his girl"

we were having tea (literally)

and my other friend juz started a relationship

*congrats to him though he doesn't read my blog*

and they were talking bout it and

suddenly he juz started talking about how he dated 4 girls at the same time.

i can't imagine someone loving 4 ppl at the same time...

can you?

he said he really loves all of them.


i think it's not fair.

the moral of the story is...

1. never believe a playboy when he says he loves you

you wouldn't know if he means it or if he's just saying it

2. never get into a relationship with someone who you don't know well

what if it's my dear Mr. D?

3. if someone who's trying to 'kao' you has the "initial D" (Jay Chow pops out)

ask me what my friend looks like.

YOU might be the next victim.

*evil laughter*


he's actually a really nice guy...

just like to play around...

maybe he'll change when he's 40

this post is not meant to sia sui him.

just a simple reminder to girls out there under the age of 20


*evil laughter again*

that's what Jelly_fish has to tell~ Au Revoir~

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