Friday, 12 February 2010

full-time blogger

been addicted to xiaxue's blog.

voon should be bored listening to me babbling bout it


after reading her posts,

i've taken being a full-time blogger into consideration
as my future occupation

BUT, before that

i have to up level my humour in blog writting

for someone with zero humour, that's bad.

this is my first attempt.

for example,

if i said

the sky soaked me with it's pee

instead of i got soaked in the rain,

will you laugh?

or should i say the vast blue thing above our head sprayed it's urine and i got caught in it?

i guess i'm just making a simple sentence longer...

will have to work on my sense of humour.

imagine whatever i say, i'm saying it with a straight face.

that's how people find jokes funny right?

the person telling it should have a straight face.


my mom's going to kidnap my and pao and ask for ransom if i dun sleep

so in the end i'll have to pay her money instead...

guess i have to go.

night ppl,

happy spend unnecessary money buying over priced things for your hubby even though you can do it on any other day day!! and Chinese New Year of coz....

that's what Jelly_fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i really dun like Chinese New Year... (other than getting money in ang paos)
the weather is always hot and there's always more work to do-- cleaning... seeing people who we only meet once a year... etc

BUT, it's a good excuse to buy new clothes.
can't wait to put them on!

and last but most important,


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