Sunday, 28 February 2010

confession 1


this entry is long compare to the others. if you fall asleep easily reading long, boring texts, 
run now! 
 i won't notice your escape.

changed the name of my blog.

i do think i'm becoming a bimbo.

i don't know if people are born to be bimbos

or they can BECOME bimbos.

but of course,

you don't find bimbos in uni very often.

most of them go to colleges instead.

maybe my parents sent me to uni coz they've foreseen this.

this is the start of my new self acclaimed self.

bimbo or not,

i still have to live the normal, considerably boring life

where winning 500 coins in pet society

is the most interesting thing that happened.

normally i only get no more than 200 coins.


why can't i find friends that like to do what i like.

shopping, dressing up, make-up, editing my photos,

watching movies, go clubbing, worry about boys,

dream of more adventurous lives,

wasting time on anything but studies....

and the dots go on.

i guess it's really hard to find people like that in unis.

nope, my best friends are nothing near that.

but i get along with them anyway.

that's why,

i shall finish my 3 years of "jail time" on time,

be set free,

and find friends that are not from unis.

who say that people who study in colleges are less intelligent?

they could be equally intelligent but.... have richer parents who discriminate the public uni system.

i don't really know if public unis are better or the blood sucking ones.

they're both unfair when it comes to taking in the students.

the private ones look at your the depth of your bank accounts and the public ones...

look at a particular square you thick in those forms.

nothing is honest and transparent here.

people must think of me as a bimbo coz i talk about having a bf non-stop.

understand me.

it's actually something like a vicious cycle.

i know i talk a lot of crap.

my friends ignore me when i do that.

i feel isolated 


i would like to find someone 

who loves me enough to listen to my crapping 24/7

give response when i do it,

and still love me.


make sense? 

i know my friends love me,

but not to that extent i guess.

i don't need someone rich.

i just need someone that can live like i do.

i don't even need him to pay.

i can support my own lifestyle thank you.

or rather, my dad can.

like the song says,

all i need is love.

and time.

for the moment.

i think i just feel lonely.

the saddest thing is i'm surrounded by so many wonderful people and yet,

i feel lonely.

i'm sure of what i want to become after i graduate now.

translator. and blogger.

i can even throw in my skills and sell hand made stuff too.

surely don't want an office job if i can help it.

it's boring and sad. 

even though i might get some very interesting colleagues,

the working hours will kill me.

i need to work on my own time.

i don't think i'll go back to butterworth to work.

i guess i like kl more,

even though the traffic kills once in a while.

but if i work free lance,

i can go out whenever i want, can't i. 

about being a bimbo,
well, a bimbo is someone who is attractive but stupid, usually girls.

since i'm not really attractive, nor stupid,

i guess i can just be considered as an amateur bimbo.

crapping ends here.

that's what J_fish wants to confess as an amateur bimbo~ Au Revoir~

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