Tuesday, 9 February 2010

bye bye boys~

i juz realised that after this sem ends, i won't get to see Jwen play basketball anymore!!



oh well, bye bye cute basketball player... T------------T

will miss watching you play..

and after this sem

my bro's gonna move out!!
bye bye Foong.. will miss your bike.. ROLF

No more Soon Loong for me to bully too.. T------------T

bye bye Soon Loong...

will miss your loving weirdness... >____________<

i thin
k a lot of juniors are moving out as well...

will 4th turn into an old folks' home for 2010/2011?!
anyway... finished my new shoe painting~


this time the message is quite clear. (the recipient too..)

those who noticed it....

juz keep quiet k..

ou did not decipher the code...
(imagine that this repeats on and on)

that's what jelly_fish has to say~ and show Au Revoir

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