Tuesday, 26 January 2010

if i said i love you

would you say it back?

i'm having mixed feelings right now.

i'm currently in love with:


2. Mouse [again(?)]

3. My new found love(?)

no doubt i'm in love with basketball.

i love the part when i'm not playing more.

(F.Y.I- we lost today, 44-8) but we're all happy and satisfied.

blamed myself for contributing to the first 10 points of the opponent.

(bad dribbling skills)

but at least i score (2 points)

mouse.. yes, again?

i guess this time it's a different type of love,

now and then.

we talked more, spent more time together.

he knows about it.

it's taboo.

my new found love.

i have no idea.

he juz suddenly seems to be so cute.

i'm definitely not ready for a relationship yet

but he could be so sweet at times.

if i said 'I Love You'...

that's what jelly_fish has to confess...
Au Revoir~

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