Tuesday, 29 September 2009

mY FaMilieZ.. in 4th (excluding cc)

juz wanna say something bout my families in 4th.

first, we shall start with my first family here..

we didn't have a family photo, but here goes..

the eldest bro~


he's a great actor, a nice and funny guy.
sadly, he moved out from 4th already...

second bro~


the Romeo of the family.
eats loads but is nowhere near fat.
though ur Juliet got taken
you still have us.

third in the line is me~


singing is my passion!!

4th bro is one half of the twin towers of 4th college


i only took 2 photos with him.
a very nice and caring person.
always with something going on in his head
somewhere high up there..

last but not least of course,


my beloved sister.
very cute and funny!!
still love her more when she was
ahem... single..?

some other photos of this family...
those were the days~soon, chris, my and me

jinn wen(the other side of the tower), my, me, soon and foong

chris, my n me

we didn't spent much time together
but i loved this family.


Sunday, 27 September 2009

l'histoire de Toi et Moi~

C'est une l'histoire, une simple l'histoire.
This is a story, a simple story.


C'est Toi.
This is Toi.

C'est Moi.
This is Moi.

Toi est la nature,
Toi is the nature,

Moi est la ville.
Moi is the city.

Toi et Moi,
Toi and Moi,

très différent,
very different,

mais toujours ensemble.
but always together.

parce que...

~You and I belong together~


yup, i guess that's all i have to tell. Au RevoiR~