Saturday, 11 July 2009

My (21sT) $peCiaL Day!!!

i didn't get a group photo coz susan had to run early.
but i really loved the night.

'twas the 21st time i did this
but i never get bored doing it.

i love the ppl who did it with me.

the first hour of the day,
we already celebrated.

till the last few hours only did we stop.
i was glad and sad at the same time.

something was missing.

it was my day
and i loved it.

thanks babes!!! ya'll made my day my day.

and there's juz 1 thing i have to say
to myself,

HAPPY (belated) 21st BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

i'd rather you didn't....

i guess things mean most
when you mean it.
what's the use of doing things for the sake of doing it
and not meaning it?

ppl sing, cheer,
because they should,
because they have to,
because it's an unwritten rule
and it's taboo to break it,
not because they want to.

weary flies away when ppl are happy,
tiredness looses control when excitement conquers.
if i look tired, it's coz i'm not happy nor excited,
because the other ppl are not.

mean what you do,
or else,

i'd rather you didn't,

but thanks anyway.