Saturday, 25 April 2009


i need a reason to live.

the past few days passed without anything special.

i dun feel anything anymore.

i dun feel excited about the future,
even though i know
a lot is going to happen.

i need a reason to live.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


having a day from hell
that wasn't going so well

straight from the twilight

has me up all night
i can't fall asleep
cause i keep thinking of you

and her








maybe my love will come back someday

only heaven knows

seems like it was yesterday
when i saw your face

sometimes i wanna call you
but i know you won't be there

even though i really love you

all i know is
imma be ok~




c'est la vie,
c'est la vie,
c'est la vie.

he's the reason for the tear drops on my guitar...

how could an angel break my heart?

Monday, 20 April 2009

juz to fill up the gaps...

nothing nothing... i juz wanna fill up last week's gap...

ok. so... alot has happened since i last updated my blog.

everyday, something interesting happens.

everyday is surprising.

rmb my last post... if you read carefully, you'll find a line in the end that leaves you wondering. (if you read properly)... to tell the truth, i was confused with my feelings towards... (as my sisters name him...) ewww..... (thx to eeeeee)... i thought he had feelings for me... coz he treated me really nice. [n i was really really really happy when i was with him. (he's freaking funny la please...)] but then i asked someone. and that someone cleared the fog for me. there's nothing on. ^___________^... was really relieved. he's sooo not like mouse... (which is kinda my dream guy... with less lemak..)

so.. then i wrote a comment there, coz i felt that i know what i was feeling after a few days. i'm juz not into him. soooo not my type...

but... i have to say... (now) i'm confused again....

HELP babes!!! >__________<

i [still] miss the good old days when we had lunch n dinner together. atleast i can tell ya'll bout my confused-ness straight away instead of ya'll reading it in my blog... come back dear good old days!!!


have been stuffing my poor brain with TITAS. can we not take this not-really-useful-to-our-future-and-might-hurt-our-cgpa-badly-subject? anyway, luckily there'll be 8 questions from tamadun china... so short yet so.. em... scoreful?

today's exam, n 2 in the morning i'm still wide awake... muz be the coke... the fries didn't make me sleepy at all!!! voon!!! >________<

i keep listening to this song by S.H.E called "dun want to be your friend". (不做你的朋友). for dunno what reason. seems to be in love with it.

anyway... suddenly, after my exams, i have to go to this camp. i am so not the right person to go.. but what to do... no1 else wants to go... for the sake of the chinese... *sighs*

anyway... ewwwww would be there... n voon... n jason.c ... it should be nice.

had dinner with voon's family juz now... (19th april). they brought us to this restaurant in SS20. great food!!! >________< chinese food!!! her dad is going to penang next month...
i hope i can go too... T----------T

freedom seems so far away...