Friday, 20 February 2009

valentine's, the day before and after.... cont.. cont...

it's been awhile.
the day after valentine's.

i still had a match against 12th.
it was horrible.
we lost,

there was a player
with a really fat as*
and an extremely big mouth.
she reminds me of a rhino.
big and rough.
you'll fly off if she has any body contact with her.

even the guys.
name's jolene.
but so dam* diff from the singer.

after the match,
we took a few photos.
changed jersey with louise.
she always wanted number 7.
because of *ahem*...

i took it coz it's my lucky number.
turns out that it's not that lucky after all.

went for lunch in ss2,
went back to college.

washed some clothes,

went out to midvalley at 4.30.
with soon loong,

he's a really funny person.
kinda like him.

in a non-romantical way.
he'll make a really good best friend.

back to the point.

we ate gelatimo ice-cream.
love the flavour.
cs would die if she even smells it.
very cheesy.

after that,
went back to college.

forgot what i did that night...

who cares about the day after valentine's?
not a person.
unless it's someone's birthday....

how was your valentine's?

Monday, 16 February 2009

valentine's, the day before and after.... cont..


now let's talk about my valentine's.
valentine's day
always make me think of a song of celine dion.
i'm not sure of the name
but i think it's called
"it's all coming back to me...."

the mv is about someone's someone who dies in a car accident
on valentine's

or is it
"my valentine"...?

let's come back to
my valentine... shall we?

it was juz another day.

voon said that valentine's is actually

take note:
it's not SAD,
it's S.A.D.

Single. Awareness. Day

it's the day when all the singles are
fully aware of their status..
single as in single and available.
not single but dating...

that single morning,
i woke up single at 8 something.
can't go back to sleep.
i was too nervous about the single match that was going to happen
later in that single afternoon...
went online single and geo-challenged.
got a single high score!!!
yay!!! >__________<

after that,
went to had single lunch with all my single sistas,
after that,
went geo-challenging again and hit another single high score!!!
yay!!!... again...

about 2,
went down to the lobby n saw my
unsingle coach checking his hair do on the single cc board.
then waited there for the other
single and unsingle team mates.
took a long time
till we finally got to the single gym 1.
played the single game against 7th college
and lost 24-12.
sorry coach,
we let you down....

went back single and sad
washed my jersey singly,
went to voon's room
and watched the single video
of our single match.

went to kfc with the single sistas
had dinner there,
talked about our coach and there he was,
unsingle with his gf...
DO NOT talk behind ppl's back
before you check if the person's around...

after that,
walked a single journey back to 4th.
onlined singly.
went to the unsingle badminton court single
and played with the fire crackers?... fire works?

we laughed our single heads off
had a jolly single good time!!!

laid on the court
and watched the single unstarry sky
no stars on valentine's
i guess all the stars are in the unsingle girls' eyes
"ur eyes are like the stars in the night sky"
it means u look like a spider...
you have lots of eyes.

who care's about valentine's?
the ppl who do business do...
if u love someone,
everyday is special
if u r going to get rid of someone,
do it before valentine's
don't spend money and time on someone you don't love...

the thing about love,
is that you'll never see it coming...
(say it again, marie digby)

like that stupid roddent...

valentine's, the day before and after....


let's start with the day before...
i dun really remember...

i went to pasar seni early in the morning.
buy stuff for my bureau.
went with soon loong.
the shop owner...
or the owner's father was really good to us.
showed us alot of stuff n taught us loads too.

thx!! >________<

the shop's called venus art.
sells all kinds of stuff that's related to are work.
from brushes to batik materials.

after that,
took the lrt to central then ktm to midvalley.
it was my first train ride in like 15 years...

after we got there,
we split.
i went to redbox and sang my heart out.

after that,
i met my babes (voon, agnes, n susan) in gsc n we went to watch
"the curious case of Benjamin Button".
it seriously is NOT the movie for those who are mentally weak.
this is the first movie EVER
that made me laughed my hear off,
n cried my eyes dry,
for a few times!!!

love the show.

a muz watch for those who have a soft spot for cute guys
not, i repeat, NOT for those who fulfills the above criteria
but has a weak heart.

u'll die, when brad pitt comes out!!!
near to the end i mean.

later we did a little shopping.
met the guys,
was going to go back in their car
but i didn't finish buying stuff
so i went to meet the babes again.

went to have dinner
then went home by myself...
till i met jia jia.
went on the bus with her
then got down.
pui yi was going to fetch us back.

got back to 4th
trained for basketball.
after that,
went to ds to learn chinese knots.

after that,
went to mamak with afiq n soon loong.

that's my day before valentine's.