Wednesday, 23 December 2009


it's been so long since i last saw you,
but now i'll never see you again.

you've been so nice to all your friends
i bet they'll miss you more than i do.

i haven't been a really good friend,
but now i'll never get to be a better one.

i'm sorry that i can't see you,
i'm so far away.

i thought i would be ok when i heard the news,
i didn't know that i would cry.

i thought you'll turn better
i thought you'll be fine,
i thought that i'll go and see you when i get back
but i guess i thought wrong.

i'll miss you i guess
but not for long,
it's not in my nature you see,
but i bought a souvenir for you
a souvenir that you'll never receive.

i don't know how it all begin,
i only know the ending,
i'll ask about it when i get back,
we'll talk about you
and how nice you were
we'll think about you
and you'll be remembered.

i dunno what else i can say to you
since i know you won't be reading this

but maybe someday
if someone does,
they'll tell you that it's from me.

you will remian in our memories
as the nice guy that everyone loves
now rest in peace my friend.

to our beloved

Lim Wei Jun
(28 June 1988- 21 December 2009)

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