Tuesday, 8 December 2009


i woke up before 4.
after twisting, turning, and rolling into a ball on bed,
i decided that there's no way i can fall asleep anymore.
it's time to accept the truth.

i made breakfast...
eggs and ham
with the long missed chili sauce and soya sauce.
first time i made breakfast for myself in france.

we were like vampires
fleeing Besancon before the sun came out.

we never returned
until the moon was hanging out with the stars

we fled to the third largest town in France


we walked all the way to the train station.
it waas still dark when the train started to take it's destined route.

we took pictures
i took pictures.it was dark.
then we grew tired because of the walking
we slept in our very own hogwards-express-styled-carriage,
it was still dark.

when i left my dear handsome boyfriend
in my dream
the sun was out.
it was nowhere near hot or sunny.

it was a(nother) winter day in france.

i can see horses and trees and fields and fields of green
leaving me in a blink of an eye.

after a few stopsand almost 3 hours
we were finally there.

part dieu.

we walked around la gare (the train station)

found a shopping mall right opposite the station
and you can guess what happened next.

to be continued...


  1. ah hah...i dint noe u had a handsome boyfriend anywhere...hehe....

  2. well, like the corrs, only in my dreams.