Monday, 14 December 2009

conned in lyon

it took too long to write this..
Switzerland was in my way.

getting back to lyon.

i was like the title said,

by my friends

they told me
there was somewhere else
with more shops to burn my money
so i went with them,
very happily.

huge mistake.

yes there were lots of shops,
but they're either closed coz it was a sunday
or their louis vuitton and gucci.
this is not my standard of living.

my friends went crazy in a longchamp store.
while i waited outside,
trying to ease my legs from the burden that they carry.

then we walked
and we walked
for hours
and hours
i walked so long
in my 2 inch boots.

the con (wo)man left us

and we were on our own.
we were free to soar on the streets
we were free from going into LV, or Prada...
we were free

until it rained.

after a long day's walk,
seeing so many beautiful monument,

was the most breathtaking thing i saw.

a stone bench.

then we went to the hill top when night was almost there.the church was really beautiful.
with light projected on it.
you have to be there to see it.

there were shows
only by projectors


you have to be there.

after all the oooohh and waahhhs

we had to rush like hell to catch our train.
i ran
like i was in the olympics high heel marathon.

we got on it eventually,
and we were punctured.

the end.


i know,i know
it ended so suddenly,
but i dunno what else to say.

i have another post coming right up

but sorry to those who can't read madarine,
coz i guess you only can understand less than 20 words.

for now,
that's what jellyfish had to say~ bout her trip to lyon.

au revoir~

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