Thursday, 10 December 2009

confession of a window shopaholic


when we got into the mall,
my friends headed straight ahead to the loo,
which cost 0.50euros,

it's like going to the toilet in the gardens.

the shops were still sleeping

so we went around,
and found a shop.

it was a café.

we saw a sign that opened our hearts.

"crêpe et café" 2 euro.
you dun have to know much french to understand that.

we thought it was with a *.
* term and conditions applied

we searched high and low for the *
but alas,
they meant what they wrote

we happily ordered a set each.

well, they didn't lie.
but we got conned.

let's see the picture.
- coffee -
looks normal right?

now let's look at it from another point of view.

- coffee with crêpe -
still can't see the problem?

look at the tea spoon then the coffee.
there's only 2 sips.

and the crêpe taste like roti canai tambah gula.
oh well.

after we finish our branch,
i commenced our search for the perfect MAB dress.

nothing can go with the theme.
white is juz not the colour for winter.
snow is enough white.

there were so many shops

it was heaven.

ZARA is so cheap to the french.
they're clothes are like 15 euro
25 euro.
imagine u're french.

then there was sephora,
the sasa of france.
they have perfume.
all the brands that u can think of,
at less than 100 euro for the biggest size.
imagine u're french.

then cosmetic
estee lauder
(yes, nivea also sells make-up)
a (good) mascara for 15 euro.
imagine u're french.

if i were a french~
i would buy stuff everyday~
i would go out in the morning
and come back only after seven~

(their shops close at 7)

imagine if you're french.


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  1. haha...dis is getting fun..i can really imagine the window shopping experience through ur writing...cant wait for more~~