Sunday, 29 November 2009

i promised

roses are red
violets are blue
a poet i'm not
but i wanna say miss ya'll i do

daisies are white
the house is blue
i'm feeling bored
so i'm doing what i promised you

yes yes yes.
i'm in france.
but i suddenly woke up and missed malaysia.

i miss laksa. >____________<

i had the strangest dream.
there were tornadoes in malaysia.
butterworth to be exact.
one of them pulled my dear bro away.

the weather is ok here.
raining quite a lot.
the lowest i've been through is 7 degrees.
the highest 13.

i ate alot of cheese and
drank alot of wine.
after so many years,
i only realised that wine makes me sleepy.
very sleepy.

i love the old buildings here.
they don't have much new buildings.
everything is preserved. only the inside is changed.

the christmas decos are on already.
yay!!! haven't take any pictures yet.
i'm going out later so probably i'll take alot.

everything is cheap
if you work here.

i mean nice stuff too.

their carrefour sells pretty clothes.

so many vcute guys here. >____________<
now i know why there's not many in malaysia
they're all in a place called here!!!

it's been a week already.

this post is not really organised...

and no photos.

i tried uploading some but it took ages.

so, for more info about my life in france,

visit my facebook profile. ^__________^

that's what jellyfish has to say.

au revoir~

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  1. hey...hang in dere for another few more weeks and u'll be back in malaysia!! den u can eat all the laksa u want...stay happy!