Friday, 20 November 2009


i'm leaving on a jet plane.

before that,

i'd like to say goodbye

juz in case something happens.. (touch wood!!!) this won't be too little too late.

To everyone that's always on my mind,

dad, mom, sisters, bros, (in-laws too)

of course,

i will always love you.

try to remember

the time of september

when we walked on moon river

singing our song (we are only lonely~)

those were the days my friends

we thought they'd never end.

sadly, there'll never be an endless story,

but dun worry coz i'll always be close to you,

and the start of something new is near.

all my bags are packed,

i'm ready to go

but believe me,

even though i'm far away,

every time there's sunshine through my window,

i'll remember that ya'll are irreplaceable.

i will survive this one month coz i'm a big big girl

and big girls don't cry


that's what jellyfish had to say before she leave...
Au revoir~! (gonna use that alot...)

enough mushy mushy... remember to miss me.. >_____________<

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