Sunday, 4 October 2009

a night not to forget.

yesterday was the mid-autumn fest.
most of the babes went back home,
leaving my n me in college.

we didn't do much during the day time
but we went out for dinner with foong and soon loong.

that's the time not to forget started.
went to ss2 to get some moon cakes
and headed to section 17 for dinner.
chatted for quite long,
till foong had to leave
coz he was going out with the other guys gang.
went back to college and did nothing till 11.

that's when the real party started.
my n me decided to do a mini party
like wat we did with the guys last year on the same night.
we went to the basketball court
with lappy and moon cake.

foong came back by then already.
he brought some lanterns down for us
and went back to settle some stuff.

but half way through hanging up the lanterns
some guys came and said they were gonna have a
"hari interaksi"
AT 11?! they're juz insane.

so we went to some few other places
which were also taken
so we ended up in dataran bestari.

started to chat,
eat moon cakes.
we talked bout the old days.
the days that i missed a lot.

it went on till 3 something.
and i didn't wanted to go back yet.
but foong didn't sleep much yesterday
nor did soon loong.
we had to leave when the last candle burnt out.
we went back to our own beds and dreamt our problems away.


but my night not to forget didn't end there..

i dreamed of him.

he was in my dreams.
we were chatting
us and some other ppl that i can't remember.

i can't believe i talked to him in my dreams
more than i talked to him in real life.

it was a really weird dream,
buildings exploding,
ppl being thrown off rooftops,

but i had a great time there.

only when i sleep...

that's all i have to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. u had a great time when ppl got thrown off roofs and buildings exploding?? haha...

  2. no... before that... >_____<.. maybe if that person who got thrown off is you know who then i might have a great time.