Saturday, 26 September 2009

WaKe Up And HeaR tH3 IncOnSideRatEs..

i mean,

be waken up by the inconsiderates.

come on!!
it's a nice saturday morning and
you would think that
you wanna stay in bed longer.

but nope,
not here.

a bunch of inconsiderates
comes in front of the block
and start doing wateva they're doing

fine by me.

but could ya'll juz shut the f*ck up?!
you're not the only 1s in college!!

calling urselves low profile doesn't really mean that
u'll automatically be switched to that mode.

u have ur right to enjoy your time

as much as me having my right to a quiet environment too..

i know,

sometimes we're too high when we're with our friends



so whoever reads this please tell them
that some1 is pissed off
with their freaking
and juz think about the people around you

coz i dun have the guts to do so...


p.s. they won't listen to me even if i do

yup.. that's probably what i have to say~ Au Revoir

1 comment :

  1. agree! they r so distracting, esp when im working on sth! reli feel like cursing them thru our windows sometimes. F*** them!