Tuesday, 14 July 2009

girls day out~

'twas sunday morning.
woke up at 7++,
rolled on my dear bed till 8
and switched on my dear lappy.

spent the whole morning watching high school musical 3,
decided to go for a walk around town.

remembered that san jie needed walks too.
asked "her" if she would like to join at 10 smthing
but only got a reply at 12.45 noon.

she said she seriously needed 1.
so we went out.

spent too much time putting on mascara...
(i have no idea why it took me so long)
i didn't have time to choose my clothes,
and i didn't have much clothes to choose from, then.
(coz my "unwashed" is piled up taller than me)

so i threw on a very (too) sexy singlet and my pullover.
and went for our "walk".

on our way to the bus stop,
san jie told me her worst nightmare has finally happened.
we talked about the problems that we all face
on the rest of the way to the stop
where we waited and waited but the bus never arrived.
so we took a cab.
and on our way out,
2 buses were on their way into um.

got to station U and got on the lrt
after the buses arrived.

saw a kinda cute guy sleeping while standing in the lrt
i dunno...
my type.

first destination,
Times Square.

got there and shopped for something to change into.

bought a blouse. ^____________^

went to sungei wang and got a white hairband.
never thought i can wear 1.
my ears were always sticking out.
it looked nice then,
so i bought it.

went to pavillion after that.
almost got ran over by a reckless driver.
juz like in the movies.
luckily san jie pulled me back.
in front of pavillion
the fountain flows
on and on
we had dinner in pavillion
and we went to walk on the stars

and we went home.
c'est tout.

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