Friday, 10 April 2009


i went to midvalley

the babes can't go with me
so i asked the dudes...

and then there were 2.

we watched the 11a.m show of
the fast and the furious 4
(was a little disappointed)

when we went in
the whole cinema was still empty
so we sat there
and talked.

straight after the movie
we went to mcdonald's.
he grabbed a burger
and we headed to our next destination

red box.

we got a huge room.
those for like 10 people.

and we were 2.

it was very very cold in there.
it was really fun.
froze our asses off
while singing our hearts out too.

actually i did most of the singing.

i really enjoyed...
except the freezing my ass off part.

after that,
we had dinner
in the gardens
the "stall's" name is
i love Yoo.
sells porridge.
cheap but taste nice.

then we went to the arcade
and we played time crisis 4.
my first time playing the 4th version
he was really good.
almost went through the whole game
without using up all the chances.

after that,
we went grocery shopping
then finally we came back.
there weren't much taxis
and not a bus.

waited for half an hour
before we finally got into a cab.

had to say sorry to voon n jason
coz we brought their dinner back
really late.

i wanna say thanks to that someone
he was there when the babes weren't.
you made my day.

i loved today,
love you too.

not in a romantic way though...

i'm sure you know it.

i hope i do too....

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