Sunday, 26 April 2009

so you think....

there's been so many "so you know..."s
around the place lately.
especially in facebook.
ppl started to come out with quizzes named
"so you think you know me?"
i came up with 1 too.
no1 got 100% right about me.
not even my sis... T-------------T

the thing is,
everytime this question comes out,
the person who poses the question knows the answer already.

"so you think you can dance"
is so ysterday.

and there's
"so you think you can che ling..."
by our 4th che ling team..

now and here,
i've got a new 1.
"so you think you can laugh at people because they don't look pretty?"
"so you think ppl who don't dress like you is ugly?"
"so you think ppl who are old and jobless are useless?"
"so you think that a good singer should be pretty too?"
"so you think ppl who don't look attractive should be a laughing stock?"

hold on to your seats and
watch this!!

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