Thursday, 2 April 2009

go green!!!!

i went to unitar this morning.
for something that was kind of a presentation
by the ambassadors of
France, Belgium, Switzerland,
Canada, and Romania.
about the francophonie.
and to promote their countries.

after the presentation,
when we went out of the theaterette,
we saw this jungle of cotton bags.

literally a jungle.
the bags were on trees.

they all have different designs on them
but with the same mission

to tell people to stop using plastic bags.

i think this is a cool way
to send the message.

the designs are really nice.

they're not for sale.


we have to buy a not really pretty bag
that costs rm29.90,
become a member,
and wait for them to launch
the other bags....
that would costs more than that.

what a shame..

i think it's time we started doing this:

it's our responsibility to make the world a better place.

stop them...
(looks like the bag has feet huh...)

some other designs that i find interesting...
and last of all,
.my favorite design!!!.

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