Sunday, 5 April 2009

f*cking friday... and... saturday.

last friday,
i went to class.
i don't have class on fridays
but that day
i did.

class was supposed to be
from 8 to 11.
and we were suppose
to go to the museum
with another lecturer
and his other class.

ended up us sitting there till 12.30
not going to the museum.

after class,
i went to midvalley.
the other babes were already there.
waited for a taxi for so f*cking long

took a taxi
and was stuck in a F*cking jam.
cost me rm7
from um there.
usually it only costs rm4++.

got there
and met with them.
was really upset
coz according to the meter
it was only rm 6++
but the driver didn't have change
neither did i
so i have to pay more
because the f*cking driver
didn't have change.

we ate lunch there,
cost rm14++
it was quite nice.
i liked the appetizer.
then went shopping.
some of the girls left early.

bought 2 new singlets in F.O.S
and 2 new shorts too.
all for rm70.
it was buy 1 get 1 free
i spotted a pair of shorts
but can't find the f*cking size
for other colours.
so i ended up buying 2 pair of
the shorts that look exactly the same.

after that,
went back to college,
had dinner
and went for malam juara-juara
of FESEni UM.
f*cking boring.
i don't think the pop band winners
deserve the win.
they were f*cking boring.
the f*cking acoustic too.

left before the show even reached half way
and went to 3rd mamak.
2 fast 2 furious was on!!
didn't get to watch it...

i was suppose to go
for a charity walk.
but i didn't.
ate toast
went to 12th for a meeting
came back for lunch

watched hellboy2 for the second time in a month
painted my nails.
craved for kfc.
voon n susan went back d.
the others don't want to go.
so i ended up
going with the guys
luckily i still have them.
they could cheer me up
when we started walking, it was raining, heavily.
but before we reached edu fac,
the rain already stopped.

it was really fun to go out with them.
i had a great time there.

thx guys.
love ya'll!!


  1. tho i went bck n din get 2 accompany u 2 kfc, bt u stil luv me, do u :< ?