Saturday, 28 March 2009


earth hour is over.
an hour in (not really) total darkness.

my dad sent an sms to me
saying what he thought bout earth hour.

"we're supporting earth hour.
we've switched off the lights, tv, fan...
Jo's (my baby sis) sleeping.
we're also in bed since there's nothing much to do.

Just a thought...
it's bloody dangerous to have the lights out
at the wrong time.
i mean
what's the point of saving the earth
by reducing energy consumption
but having a population explosion nine months later!!
that's probably what would happen
if i weren't so busy
with the perky buttons sending out this sms!!"


i dunno if he made that up
or did he forward a message with some alterations
but it's good to know that even dad is doing this.

how cool is that?!

love ya dad!!! and mom n jo.

i went to midvalley alone juz now.
watched city of ember.
didn't blew me away
but it was ok.
still acceptable...

when i got there,
i got down the taxi,
closed the door,
and found that i slammed my finger with it.
my right ring finger is now the size of a thumb...

and i thought all the scratches and bruises
from the palapes training ground was enough...
we went there for pm physical training by the way.
it was really tiring
but it was really fun too.

yesterday and thursday was apk day.
i've never painted so many nails in 2 days...
luckily i slammed my finger after that.
or it would be hell for me.

sticks n stones may break my bones

but taxi doors can kill me...

i guess that's the latest updates bout moi.
see ya next time.


i think i miss you...

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