Monday, 16 March 2009

what the heck happened?!

nothing serious actually....
juz wanna make the title interesting so that ppl would read.

it was M.A.B phase 1
last saturday,
the day after friday the 13th.

we thought we were going to wear skirt n blouse
turned out that i dun have a long enough skirt
i ended up wearing a sari
(Indian traditional costume)
coz the other babes were waiting upstairs,
i went to the dining hall first.

the first picture that i took in a sari
was with soon loong....
who looked like my dad. "P
he's wearing an indian traditional costume too.

since i was waiting there alone,
i took a *few* more pictures.

love my nails in this pic..

the food

after they finally came,
it was almost the time we were waiting for!!

everything happened quite quickly
the opening ceremony,
the eating,
the performances,
the ending.

after that,
it was the time of susan...

SS TIME!!!voon n ming who blended well
with the tao a.k.a phoebe n mei like this pic alot!!!
>____________<ming, voon n methe babes go cultural.kuo ning, the super senior!!!

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