Monday, 9 March 2009

to whom it may concern...

pkb's finally over.
been feeling like sheet this few days.
maybe it's the lack of sleep
maybe it's something else.
now that i'm free,
i have some thought that i'd like to express.

to whom it may concern:

i did my best in pkb,
though i dun think it's good enough for you.
i don't really care how you think right now
coz you're already out of view.

to whom it may concern:

i know i've been a beach recently
but that's something i can't control.
i think it's coz i'm feeling bad,
maybe it's coz i'm not feeling whole.
i'm sorry i treated you guys badly,
saying things that i don't mean,
but if six sense i do not lack,
i feel that some of you are backstabbing me,
saying things behind my back.
i feel something's wrong
like i'm always the 1 who's left out,
i told you things about me,
but the things i know about all of you,
my fingers are enough to count.
i don't like this feeling,
it feels like high school all over again,
i thought i have friends
but i guess it's just a lost game.

to whom it may concern:

i feel that we're not 8 anymore.
it's the 6 of us and the 2 of you.
i don't mind friends that are better friends in the group
but i feel awkward when you both are together.
i feel that there's a gap between us all
and you both when we're together.

to the same whom it may concern:

i know you're still here,
but i feel that you're not here anymore.
i feel like i've lost a friend,
a friend that i used to enjoy being with.
now when i'm with you both,
i juz want to disappear.
i feel like my presence is too much,
like a fish between a bunch of flowers,
but i really miss talking to you,
like yesterday when we were the 8 of us.
i don't want to talk about this face to face
coz i know i'll surely cry
however hard i control my tears,
they'll always fall from the corner of my eyes.

i don't like loosing,
games, things or friends alike,
but now i feel like i've lost to life
a failure that's overtaken by satan's pride.

to whom it may concern:

don't talk to me about this when you see me

i don't want to talk about it
i just want to express my feelings here,
it's better here
than my blog in friendster.
juz read this through and think about what i say
it's ok if u think it's fine
to stay the way as it is.
just let this post remain here in this blog,
it's just what jf wants to say.

1 comment :

  1. heyo gurl
    found your blog
    teehee =..=
    so here goes,,,,,,,
    i read one of your post
    so anyhow...
    a confession is needed

    it -clue on red-

    well, it is a sincere thought

    you cant imagine how many more crazy comments i wrote that night
    oh, how i love to be an anonymous

    oopss.. now im not
    kacha babe~

    ps: thx for ur hardwork and support
    i really2 do appreciate.

    pps: KewL blog!!!!
    n you still look nice in red