Sunday, 22 March 2009

the legend(s)

21st of march
was the day that i've been waiting for
(for like a month...)

it was M.A.B phase 2!!!
it's the night
where we get to flaunt our stuff
n walk our walk. ^_______^

the theme for this year
in the lime light"

held in the legend hotel.

i (kinda)
dressed up as
marilyn monroe...
(with less (if not none) boobs
black hair
n no sexy mole.

they asked us to
preferably wear
black, silver or blue.

i wore white

it's not like i want to,
i juz happen to have a white dress
(i kinda look retarded in this pic

it was a busy day.
i woke up at 8,
ate toast for breakfast,
death note till 12,
ate lunch,
watch death note again....

then the busy started.

susan came for manicure,
followed by cassey (unexpectedly)
took 2 hours for both of them.
took my bath,
tried to make up for siew mei,
(failed miserably),
make up for grace
(room mate),
n when i finally have time for myself,
it was 4.25p.m. already.
bus leaves at 5.
(or so they say).
rushed like hell.
didn't even have time to do my hair.

rushed down,
got there a bit late
but waited very long.
jason was also wearing all white.
someone to go off theme with me.

when we finally got on the bus,
it was about 5.30.

the bus didn't move till
almost 6.

got there,
n the first thing we did,

rush to the washrooms!!!

a whole bunch of us
were putting on make up there.

it was fun.

i pinned up my hair
into a mini bun on the right side.

after that,
went out,
took pictures,
went into the ballroom
n waited...

didn't started till almost 9.

when we finally get to eat,
it's already 9.30.

after that,
we did wat we did best,

take a whole lot of photos!!!

showing off my nails again.

but that day, it was differentcoz i have susan to do it with me.
^____________^..thx to general chan,
almost all our pics are blurr...
but thx other partner in ss...
chen chen chen!!!
i took the most pics with him
(after susan)not the best pic, but
i love it!!
.a side of the twin tower...
n if you look close enough,
you can see the other side as the background.

(he's actually 2 times taller)

soon loong,
looking great
n not like my dad.
when we
"went to the toilet"all wrapped up,
like how they like it.
there's a whole lot of other pics...
go to my friendster page to check them out.

it was a great night,
great food,
(chinese food!!!
we had cod fish, shrimps, sharks fin soup....)
great hotel
with great toilets
great ppl to be with.

a night worth remembering.

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