Monday, 16 February 2009

valentine's, the day before and after....


let's start with the day before...
i dun really remember...

i went to pasar seni early in the morning.
buy stuff for my bureau.
went with soon loong.
the shop owner...
or the owner's father was really good to us.
showed us alot of stuff n taught us loads too.

thx!! >________<

the shop's called venus art.
sells all kinds of stuff that's related to are work.
from brushes to batik materials.

after that,
took the lrt to central then ktm to midvalley.
it was my first train ride in like 15 years...

after we got there,
we split.
i went to redbox and sang my heart out.

after that,
i met my babes (voon, agnes, n susan) in gsc n we went to watch
"the curious case of Benjamin Button".
it seriously is NOT the movie for those who are mentally weak.
this is the first movie EVER
that made me laughed my hear off,
n cried my eyes dry,
for a few times!!!

love the show.

a muz watch for those who have a soft spot for cute guys
not, i repeat, NOT for those who fulfills the above criteria
but has a weak heart.

u'll die, when brad pitt comes out!!!
near to the end i mean.

later we did a little shopping.
met the guys,
was going to go back in their car
but i didn't finish buying stuff
so i went to meet the babes again.

went to have dinner
then went home by myself...
till i met jia jia.
went on the bus with her
then got down.
pui yi was going to fetch us back.

got back to 4th
trained for basketball.
after that,
went to ds to learn chinese knots.

after that,
went to mamak with afiq n soon loong.

that's my day before valentine's.

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