Friday, 20 February 2009

valentine's, the day before and after.... cont.. cont...

it's been awhile.
the day after valentine's.

i still had a match against 12th.
it was horrible.
we lost,

there was a player
with a really fat as*
and an extremely big mouth.
she reminds me of a rhino.
big and rough.
you'll fly off if she has any body contact with her.

even the guys.
name's jolene.
but so dam* diff from the singer.

after the match,
we took a few photos.
changed jersey with louise.
she always wanted number 7.
because of *ahem*...

i took it coz it's my lucky number.
turns out that it's not that lucky after all.

went for lunch in ss2,
went back to college.

washed some clothes,

went out to midvalley at 4.30.
with soon loong,

he's a really funny person.
kinda like him.

in a non-romantical way.
he'll make a really good best friend.

back to the point.

we ate gelatimo ice-cream.
love the flavour.
cs would die if she even smells it.
very cheesy.

after that,
went back to college.

forgot what i did that night...

who cares about the day after valentine's?
not a person.
unless it's someone's birthday....

how was your valentine's?

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