Tuesday, 24 February 2009


run baby run
don't ever look back...

i wish i could

run away from this life

right now.

everything is taking my life away.



after spending some time with you,
i feel like i've been poisoned.

to you:

stop showing me your good side!!
i know there's something bad about you!!
everyone has one.
show it!!!
stop making me fall deeper and deeper into this bottomless pit.
i so long
that out of this vast darkness,
a hand would appear
and tell me where to go,
pull me out,
stop me from this plunge into nothingness.

shake me, wake me up, and tell me
"it's juz a nightmare!!!"

every breath i take
misery seems to be what i take in

where is the air that i need?

talk to me,

look at me,

i'm here,
but am bout to disappear.

say it isn't so.
i don't understand how everything works. tell me stories. take me to a world that i don't belong. maybe i would be happy when i come back here... if i ever do.

say that you care
that you still want me here,

and please
mean it.

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