Tuesday, 3 February 2009

the many faces of mine~

The many faces of mine~

-----edited from the chorus of the song- any other time

sometimes I’m serious,

sometimes I’m silly,

sometimes I juz like to make weird and funny faces.

Sometimes I talk,

Sometimes I sing,

Sometimes I juz want to be heard.

sometimes I’m beachy,

*u know wat I mean*

sometimes I’m innocent,

sometimes I’m beachy but I act innocent. ^_________^

sometimes I’m free,

sometimes I’m busy,

sometimes I choose to ss

even when I have loads of stuff to do.

*Okok, all the time… happy…*

sometimes I think about you,

sometimes I tell my friends about it,

sometimes we talk about it,

figure it out,

but then I juz change my mind.

Sometimes I’m hot,

Sometimes I’m cold,

Sometimes I’m hot because you’re cold.

Sometimes I like straight hair,

Sometimes I like messy hair,

Sometimes I juz want to have short hair again.

Sometimes I’m surrounded by friends,

Sometimes I feel lonely,

Sometimes I juz want to be left alone.

Sometimes I’m outgoing,

Sometimes I’m shy,

Sometimes I juz want to talk

and get a reply.

Sometimes I want to be matured,

Sometimes I act cute,

Sometimes I want to stay childish when I’m matured.

Sometimes I hate you,

Sometimes I miss you,

Sometimes I hate myself for missing you.

Sometimes I’m blurred,

Sometimes I’m alert,

Sometimes I alert myself and choose to be blurred.

Sometimes I laugh,

Sometimes I cry,

Sometimes my head want to explode,

But when I think about it,

I’m so in love with you,

Any other time~


  1. u damn syiok sendiri lar babe!

  2. why thank you!!!!
    that IS what i do best!
    POSUM ON!!