Thursday, 5 February 2009

killer toes!!!

our cc had our reunion dinner yesterday night...
well it's juz a few hours ago anyway.
we went to a restaurant in sunway.
we were supposed to wear red or pink
but i think some people don't like both the colours
so they have no clothes in those colours.
or maybe they juz want to stand out from the crowd.

it was quite nice.
our dinner.
there was a lot of food.
seafood, too.
the best thing about it is surprisingly
not the food
but the fellowship.

the eight of us sistas were there.
we took photos comme fue.
(like crazy)
i juz love these girls.
they might not all be in POSUM
but boy are they fue!!
(refer above). ^__________^
i guess the 4th collegers were the noisiest people
that ever eaten at the restaurant.
i think we'll need to find a new place
for next year's reunion dinner....

i think we're b n b.
black listed and banned.

the food was nice,
i ate a lot
but wasn't full.
no idea why....
maybe i have ulcers in my stomach.
the food keeps leaking out.

i enjoyed my night.
we got and pows too.

when we took photos,
we were "split"
into categories.
the man club,
the juniors,
the seniors,
those in POSUM,
those in the cc board,
those in pkb,
those from linguistics fac....
etc, etc.

back to the topic.
who's killer toes?
my toes are killing me.
i had to stand tip-toed whenever i took photos
coz i'm the not-so-tall one
but i'm always too late to stand in the front row.
now i feel like a ballerina after her performance.
to add more killing to me,
my laptop lock actually fell on my foot.
thank you...

the guys were playing against 5th college today.
i really
want to see it.
against 5th!!!
it's kind of a rematch i think.


but it was 5th who won.

that's how they told me the results.
my bros,
seng yee n fong.

it's already 2a.m.
i guess it's time to say bonne nuit!!!

and again,
i love ya'll babes!!!

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  1. i blif ystrdy nite will alwiz b 1 of d most memorable nitez in our (mine n all other babes') heart :) .