Thursday, 12 February 2009

great game!!!


i played the most tiring game that i've ever played.

i enjoyed it.

it was d*m* tiring,
but it was the greatest game i've ever played too.

we started training at about 10, coz my, hui teng n me was in the pkb meeting.

they were playing in 7th's basketball court when we came down.
(4th's basketball court was being used by the hocky people
and the footsal players.)

we had a free game. (no plans used)
my, hui teng, min jun and me were in a group
against wan nyuk, joey, pui yi, and louise.

i got hit on the nose,
it hurt a lot,
bled a little,
juz 2 drops.
(i found out about the bleeding thing
only when i was taking my bath.)

my got every shot in.
super woman!!

juz about 5 minutes after we started playing,
the people from 7th say they need to use the court
to practice hocky.
so we had to scram.

we went to 12th to check if anyone is using their court
and there were.
people were practicing their chinese drums.
we went to 5th,
(well mj n joey did)
and found out that they can't turn on the lights.
our last option was 1st college.
when we got there,
some of their basketball players were there.
(just finished their practice i think).

we went down n shot a few hoops.
after that,
the game started again.
i loved it!!!
coz i got to play for the whole game.

my was great at shooting,
hui teng was really great at getting rebounds,
mj was good in everything.
i was good in yelling at people.

i loved the game.

can we play it like that

all the time?


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