Thursday, 29 January 2009

twas the night... before

‘twas the night before Chinese new year.
I went to my uncle’s house to have the reunion dinner. Had a sip of wine, some tong poh meat, some fish balls, some chicken claws, and a good time.
Talked to my cousin.
Didn’t know that he was such a stereotype.
The way he talked…. Urrrhhhh….
Came home at about 9,
Cleaned the remaining things that needs cleaning,
My sis mopped the floor,
Dad fixed the light,
Younger sis brake a light bulb,
Got scolded.
I got a whole lot of messages wishing me a
Prosperous Chinese new year.
Thanks guys!
Confirmed the date of my reunion with my friends.
First we decided to go to tao.
Bro was too poor so we changed to plan b,
Which was actually plan a.
We’re going for lok lok or chiam chiam.
Not sure yet.
Any suggestions ppl?
I’m starting to miss some ppl.
My seven sistas,
College mates,
The guys,
*Ahem* too.
How is your Chinese new year?
See ya’ll soon!!

1 comment :

  1. i miz ya too babe! cnt wait 2 return 2 d embrace of varsity life!
    anyway, happy cny :D !