Tuesday, 6 January 2009

i'm hot in red!!!

it's been awhile.

i attended a camp for the past weekend (2-4th Jan).

i loved it.

it was a camp for our college's project- pesta kebudayaan bestari interaction camp..

for 3 days i didn't have more than 5 hours sleep, but i enjoyed it.

not the lact of sleep,

but the camp activities.

all the games are really meaningful and they teach us stuff.

stuff that you might know but take for granted.

one of the games....

i dunno if i should call it a game...

ok, a session,

is when everyone sticks a piece of paper behind them

the paper will be seperated into 2 parts,

"kelebihan" n "kelemahan"

which is the good things about u and the weeknesses.

on my weekness part,

i found that someone wrote there:

"u're hot in red".

i dunno if this is a prank of a joke

but i do feel happy.

someone thinks i'm hot!!! >_________<


there were a lot of good comments that ppl wrote

about me

and i thank them a lot for telling me all of that.

i really apreciated this session

and i want to thank the committee a lot too.

they slept less than us

but they pulled it through anyway.

i hope they enjoyed the camp as much as i did.

wat a team needs is team work and a great leader.

without that,

nothing will and can be done.

the pkb committee is a team.

we already have a great leader.

work together and we shall succeed.

go pkb!!! kacha!!!

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