Wednesday, 23 December 2009


it's been so long since i last saw you,
but now i'll never see you again.

you've been so nice to all your friends
i bet they'll miss you more than i do.

i haven't been a really good friend,
but now i'll never get to be a better one.

i'm sorry that i can't see you,
i'm so far away.

i thought i would be ok when i heard the news,
i didn't know that i would cry.

i thought you'll turn better
i thought you'll be fine,
i thought that i'll go and see you when i get back
but i guess i thought wrong.

i'll miss you i guess
but not for long,
it's not in my nature you see,
but i bought a souvenir for you
a souvenir that you'll never receive.

i don't know how it all begin,
i only know the ending,
i'll ask about it when i get back,
we'll talk about you
and how nice you were
we'll think about you
and you'll be remembered.

i dunno what else i can say to you
since i know you won't be reading this

but maybe someday
if someone does,
they'll tell you that it's from me.

you will remian in our memories
as the nice guy that everyone loves
now rest in peace my friend.

to our beloved

Lim Wei Jun
(28 June 1988- 21 December 2009)

Monday, 14 December 2009

conned in lyon

it took too long to write this..
Switzerland was in my way.

getting back to lyon.

i was like the title said,

by my friends

they told me
there was somewhere else
with more shops to burn my money
so i went with them,
very happily.

huge mistake.

yes there were lots of shops,
but they're either closed coz it was a sunday
or their louis vuitton and gucci.
this is not my standard of living.

my friends went crazy in a longchamp store.
while i waited outside,
trying to ease my legs from the burden that they carry.

then we walked
and we walked
for hours
and hours
i walked so long
in my 2 inch boots.

the con (wo)man left us

and we were on our own.
we were free to soar on the streets
we were free from going into LV, or Prada...
we were free

until it rained.

after a long day's walk,
seeing so many beautiful monument,

was the most breathtaking thing i saw.

a stone bench.

then we went to the hill top when night was almost there.the church was really beautiful.
with light projected on it.
you have to be there to see it.

there were shows
only by projectors


you have to be there.

after all the oooohh and waahhhs

we had to rush like hell to catch our train.
i ran
like i was in the olympics high heel marathon.

we got on it eventually,
and we were punctured.

the end.


i know,i know
it ended so suddenly,
but i dunno what else to say.

i have another post coming right up

but sorry to those who can't read madarine,
coz i guess you only can understand less than 20 words.

for now,
that's what jellyfish had to say~ bout her trip to lyon.

au revoir~

Thursday, 10 December 2009

confession of a window shopaholic


when we got into the mall,
my friends headed straight ahead to the loo,
which cost 0.50euros,

it's like going to the toilet in the gardens.

the shops were still sleeping

so we went around,
and found a shop.

it was a café.

we saw a sign that opened our hearts.

"crêpe et café" 2 euro.
you dun have to know much french to understand that.

we thought it was with a *.
* term and conditions applied

we searched high and low for the *
but alas,
they meant what they wrote

we happily ordered a set each.

well, they didn't lie.
but we got conned.

let's see the picture.
- coffee -
looks normal right?

now let's look at it from another point of view.

- coffee with crêpe -
still can't see the problem?

look at the tea spoon then the coffee.
there's only 2 sips.

and the crêpe taste like roti canai tambah gula.
oh well.

after we finish our branch,
i commenced our search for the perfect MAB dress.

nothing can go with the theme.
white is juz not the colour for winter.
snow is enough white.

there were so many shops

it was heaven.

ZARA is so cheap to the french.
they're clothes are like 15 euro
25 euro.
imagine u're french.

then there was sephora,
the sasa of france.
they have perfume.
all the brands that u can think of,
at less than 100 euro for the biggest size.
imagine u're french.

then cosmetic
estee lauder
(yes, nivea also sells make-up)
a (good) mascara for 15 euro.
imagine u're french.

if i were a french~
i would buy stuff everyday~
i would go out in the morning
and come back only after seven~

(their shops close at 7)

imagine if you're french.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009


i woke up before 4.
after twisting, turning, and rolling into a ball on bed,
i decided that there's no way i can fall asleep anymore.
it's time to accept the truth.

i made breakfast...
eggs and ham
with the long missed chili sauce and soya sauce.
first time i made breakfast for myself in france.

we were like vampires
fleeing Besancon before the sun came out.

we never returned
until the moon was hanging out with the stars

we fled to the third largest town in France


we walked all the way to the train station.
it waas still dark when the train started to take it's destined route.

we took pictures
i took was dark.
then we grew tired because of the walking
we slept in our very own hogwards-express-styled-carriage,
it was still dark.

when i left my dear handsome boyfriend
in my dream
the sun was out.
it was nowhere near hot or sunny.

it was a(nother) winter day in france.

i can see horses and trees and fields and fields of green
leaving me in a blink of an eye.

after a few stopsand almost 3 hours
we were finally there.

part dieu.

we walked around la gare (the train station)

found a shopping mall right opposite the station
and you can guess what happened next.

to be continued...

Sunday, 29 November 2009

i promised

roses are red
violets are blue
a poet i'm not
but i wanna say miss ya'll i do

daisies are white
the house is blue
i'm feeling bored
so i'm doing what i promised you

yes yes yes.
i'm in france.
but i suddenly woke up and missed malaysia.

i miss laksa. >____________<

i had the strangest dream.
there were tornadoes in malaysia.
butterworth to be exact.
one of them pulled my dear bro away.

the weather is ok here.
raining quite a lot.
the lowest i've been through is 7 degrees.
the highest 13.

i ate alot of cheese and
drank alot of wine.
after so many years,
i only realised that wine makes me sleepy.
very sleepy.

i love the old buildings here.
they don't have much new buildings.
everything is preserved. only the inside is changed.

the christmas decos are on already.
yay!!! haven't take any pictures yet.
i'm going out later so probably i'll take alot.

everything is cheap
if you work here.

i mean nice stuff too.

their carrefour sells pretty clothes.

so many vcute guys here. >____________<
now i know why there's not many in malaysia
they're all in a place called here!!!

it's been a week already.

this post is not really organised...

and no photos.

i tried uploading some but it took ages.

so, for more info about my life in france,

visit my facebook profile. ^__________^

that's what jellyfish has to say.

au revoir~

Friday, 20 November 2009


i'm leaving on a jet plane.

before that,

i'd like to say goodbye

juz in case something happens.. (touch wood!!!) this won't be too little too late.

To everyone that's always on my mind,

dad, mom, sisters, bros, (in-laws too)

of course,

i will always love you.

try to remember

the time of september

when we walked on moon river

singing our song (we are only lonely~)

those were the days my friends

we thought they'd never end.

sadly, there'll never be an endless story,

but dun worry coz i'll always be close to you,

and the start of something new is near.

all my bags are packed,

i'm ready to go

but believe me,

even though i'm far away,

every time there's sunshine through my window,

i'll remember that ya'll are irreplaceable.

i will survive this one month coz i'm a big big girl

and big girls don't cry


that's what jellyfish had to say before she leave...
Au revoir~! (gonna use that alot...)

enough mushy mushy... remember to miss me.. >_____________<

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

something new

this will be the start of something new.

new country,

new life,

new man if i'm lucky. ^____________^

dun start speculating babes,

i'm not talking bout him.

hold on to your tower France,

coz i'm comin!!!

yup. that's what jelly fish had to declare. Au revoir~

Saturday, 7 November 2009





Sunday, 4 October 2009

a night not to forget.

yesterday was the mid-autumn fest.
most of the babes went back home,
leaving my n me in college.

we didn't do much during the day time
but we went out for dinner with foong and soon loong.

that's the time not to forget started.
went to ss2 to get some moon cakes
and headed to section 17 for dinner.
chatted for quite long,
till foong had to leave
coz he was going out with the other guys gang.
went back to college and did nothing till 11.

that's when the real party started.
my n me decided to do a mini party
like wat we did with the guys last year on the same night.
we went to the basketball court
with lappy and moon cake.

foong came back by then already.
he brought some lanterns down for us
and went back to settle some stuff.

but half way through hanging up the lanterns
some guys came and said they were gonna have a
"hari interaksi"
AT 11?! they're juz insane.

so we went to some few other places
which were also taken
so we ended up in dataran bestari.

started to chat,
eat moon cakes.
we talked bout the old days.
the days that i missed a lot.

it went on till 3 something.
and i didn't wanted to go back yet.
but foong didn't sleep much yesterday
nor did soon loong.
we had to leave when the last candle burnt out.
we went back to our own beds and dreamt our problems away.


but my night not to forget didn't end there..

i dreamed of him.

he was in my dreams.
we were chatting
us and some other ppl that i can't remember.

i can't believe i talked to him in my dreams
more than i talked to him in real life.

it was a really weird dream,
buildings exploding,
ppl being thrown off rooftops,

but i had a great time there.

only when i sleep...

that's all i have to say~ Au Revoir~

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

mY FaMilieZ.. in 4th (excluding cc)

juz wanna say something bout my families in 4th.

first, we shall start with my first family here..

we didn't have a family photo, but here goes..

the eldest bro~


he's a great actor, a nice and funny guy.
sadly, he moved out from 4th already...

second bro~


the Romeo of the family.
eats loads but is nowhere near fat.
though ur Juliet got taken
you still have us.

third in the line is me~


singing is my passion!!

4th bro is one half of the twin towers of 4th college


i only took 2 photos with him.
a very nice and caring person.
always with something going on in his head
somewhere high up there..

last but not least of course,


my beloved sister.
very cute and funny!!
still love her more when she was
ahem... single..?

some other photos of this family...
those were the days~soon, chris, my and me

jinn wen(the other side of the tower), my, me, soon and foong

chris, my n me

we didn't spent much time together
but i loved this family.


Sunday, 27 September 2009

l'histoire de Toi et Moi~

C'est une l'histoire, une simple l'histoire.
This is a story, a simple story.


C'est Toi.
This is Toi.

C'est Moi.
This is Moi.

Toi est la nature,
Toi is the nature,

Moi est la ville.
Moi is the city.

Toi et Moi,
Toi and Moi,

très différent,
very different,

mais toujours ensemble.
but always together.

parce que...

~You and I belong together~


yup, i guess that's all i have to tell. Au RevoiR~

Saturday, 26 September 2009

after that...

ok. done being a b**ch.

came across an email
juz after my last post

there's a sentence that
really caught me.

it says

Time heals almost everything.
Give time time.

sometimes we juz love to rush into things

like that Elvis song..

wise men said
only fools rush in~

he was talking bout love,
but i guess it's applicable here.

only fools rush in~
but we can't help it..

we're always rushing here and there
for this and that

but when we really sit down
do some thinking

we'll find that
sometimes we don't need to rush.

give time time.

i spent my raya week holiday doing nothing much.



planting carrots and radishes in country life

watching hellboy over and over again

*i can't help it.. it's the only show that attracts my attention

i love holidays.
i didn't do much,
but i think i finished alot of things...

food, for instance...

i didn't study at all
something that i'll surely regret

but let's leave that till study week ok...

i love the serenity of the college during this whole week.

here goes

i hate this part right here

the part where we know that the holidays are about to end...

to hell with it!!
i wanna enjoy the short time left

who's already back in college say yeah!!!

yup... that what i have to say~ Au Revoir

WaKe Up And HeaR tH3 IncOnSideRatEs..

i mean,

be waken up by the inconsiderates.

come on!!
it's a nice saturday morning and
you would think that
you wanna stay in bed longer.

but nope,
not here.

a bunch of inconsiderates
comes in front of the block
and start doing wateva they're doing

fine by me.

but could ya'll juz shut the f*ck up?!
you're not the only 1s in college!!

calling urselves low profile doesn't really mean that
u'll automatically be switched to that mode.

u have ur right to enjoy your time

as much as me having my right to a quiet environment too..

i know,

sometimes we're too high when we're with our friends



so whoever reads this please tell them
that some1 is pissed off
with their freaking
and juz think about the people around you

coz i dun have the guts to do so...


p.s. they won't listen to me even if i do

yup.. that's probably what i have to say~ Au Revoir

Sunday, 23 August 2009


what happened to our lives?
i don't feel as happy as before,
we don't see each other as often too.
we don't laugh together
we don't work together
we're not feeling happy for each other anymore...


Sunday, 9 August 2009

and i juz can't take this feeling anymore...

i can't take not being able to spend money!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

so sick

and i'm so sick of love songs...

so sick of being sick
so sick of having to work more than others
so sick of not being able to concentrate on my studies
so sick of being seen through
so sick of the r.o. water machine
so sick of ds food
so sick of not having enough money to spend
so sick of not being able to have my own sweet time
even when i'm sick
so sick of the lectures
so sick of bad hair days
so sick of washing machines
so sick of pimples
so sick of so many things
so sick of being so sick of so many things

and most of all,
i'm so sick of seeing you around the place.
so sick...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

je croire que, j'espere que

je croire que tu me manque... encore
je croire que je t'aime ...... encore

j'espere que c'est seulement un reve,

demain, tous va finir.

ce n'est pas reulisera...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

heavy rain and sunshine

raindrops keep falling on my head

heavy rain won't wash this feeling away
this missing piece will stay missing

getting it back will stay a wish
it can never come true

but i don't wish that the sun will come out soon

heavy rain and no sunshine

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

girls day out~

'twas sunday morning.
woke up at 7++,
rolled on my dear bed till 8
and switched on my dear lappy.

spent the whole morning watching high school musical 3,
decided to go for a walk around town.

remembered that san jie needed walks too.
asked "her" if she would like to join at 10 smthing
but only got a reply at 12.45 noon.

she said she seriously needed 1.
so we went out.

spent too much time putting on mascara...
(i have no idea why it took me so long)
i didn't have time to choose my clothes,
and i didn't have much clothes to choose from, then.
(coz my "unwashed" is piled up taller than me)

so i threw on a very (too) sexy singlet and my pullover.
and went for our "walk".

on our way to the bus stop,
san jie told me her worst nightmare has finally happened.
we talked about the problems that we all face
on the rest of the way to the stop
where we waited and waited but the bus never arrived.
so we took a cab.
and on our way out,
2 buses were on their way into um.

got to station U and got on the lrt
after the buses arrived.

saw a kinda cute guy sleeping while standing in the lrt
i dunno...
my type.

first destination,
Times Square.

got there and shopped for something to change into.

bought a blouse. ^____________^

went to sungei wang and got a white hairband.
never thought i can wear 1.
my ears were always sticking out.
it looked nice then,
so i bought it.

went to pavillion after that.
almost got ran over by a reckless driver.
juz like in the movies.
luckily san jie pulled me back.
in front of pavillion
the fountain flows
on and on
we had dinner in pavillion
and we went to walk on the stars

and we went home.
c'est tout.